Friday, July 29, 2016



Pranks are always fun, playing practical jokes on your friends and teachers, or in Leech Mob: A Novel about a Connecticut Gang, on complete strangers too.  For example Geo likes to raid his parents’ fridge for all the leftovers, mix them all together, add ketchup, mustard, eggs, fry it all up and then carry it around in a bucket to utilize as a weapon.  Or how about when Kelly decides to throw half the classroom out a third story window.  Textbooks, globes, overhead projectors and the classroom TV all had to go.  And last but not least, in Ancient Civilizations class, Brody replaces the documentary on Ancient Rome with Asian Pornography.  In the words of old Dr. Nooland, “HELLS BELLS, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!”     
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