Friday, July 29, 2016

Clothes Styles of Leech Mob


The clothes styles of Leech Mob were very different.  It was a mix of hardcore, punk, skater, gangster, and industrial gear.  Kids would wear champion sweatshirts, ripped at the collar, with black jeans and sneakers; or zippered sweatshirts with cargo pants and doc martin boots.   For a minute, long-sleeve t-shirt hoodies were all over the place with baggy pants, meaning size 48 waistlines we had to cop from second hand joints cause the jeans they sold at department stores were just too tight.  For the skaters, baggy denim jeans and flannel shirts helped keep their skin intact when they flew off skateboards.  Underground skateboard companies still sold t-shirts with unique logos and art designs that the mainstream skateboard companies could never live up to.   Hardcore bands developed their own trademark long sleeve t-shirts with statements printed down the sleeves and I remember the style was to wear a short sleeve hardcore shirt over a long sleeved one.                     
Everybody’s ears and noses were a wreck of piercings and the baseball hats were always rolled down tight so our eyes were shaded. Usually kids shaved their heads around the sides and back but left the tops long, which they bleached blonde or dyed black while other kids got Manic Panic hair dye for the red, purple and green.  With the underground store Trash American Style still around in Danbury CT, some of the girls would show up dressed like hippie chicks with long dresses and beads.  Trash was the place to go to for hardcore records, gear, and all types of ill shit.    
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