Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Handling Bullies

In Leech Mob, 
bullying is a big topic so I wanted to write a blog for some of you kids who are still in school on how to defend yourselves against bullies.  From my experience, most bullies enjoy psychologically torturing people.  Rarely do bullies walk over and proceed directly to the fight.  The whole act of picking on someone is the process of mentally torturing them. This is the way the bully enjoys itself

Fighting attracts the attention of teachers and the authorities, so there are often consequences.  Most bullies would like to avoid suspensions and legal problems so they can go on to a long career of bullying others!  With that being said, we realize that a bully will look for those who will stand there quietly without doing much to defend him or herself.  When confronted by a bully, many kids will react with the “deer in the headlights look". That is, not knowing how to respond to a cruel threat, the target will stand there almost frozen, staring at the bully and taking the abuse.  Then they get themselves locked into a situation they see no way out of, which can become an everyday routine. 

Even though the solution might seems obvious when explained, it takes some effort to practice. 

Rule # 1 Don’t stand there and let the bully close in on you. 
If you see a bully closing in, don’t wait for them and definitely don’t stop for them.  I don’t know how many times a gang of kids will look for someone to pick on and this happens to be whoever stops to give the bullies the time of day. Before you came by, dozens of kids have walked by, ignoring the bullies.  If the bully tries to get in their way, they quickly walk around the bully or shrug them off with a stern, “GET A LIFE, LOSER!” and go on with their life without any further problems from that bully.  So most bullies look for those who will let themselves be picked on.  So don’t meet the bully halfway! 

RULE # 2 - USE YOUR VOICE. If a bully rolls up on you first try to ignore them and walk away. Then don't respond to their wisecracks, their questions, their commands and definitely don't give them any of your attention. Yet if they keep following you around, simply tell them, "GET OUT OF HERE!" in a loud and clear voice and then walk away!  This lets the bully know that you are not afraid of speaking up and you are not going to stand around and let them harass you.  

If you are at a bus stop or in the schoolyard and they keep following you around...tell them to "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" and then find an activity to do and just ignore the jerks  Go back to talking to your friends, read your copy of Leech Mob or do the homework you forgot to do the night before.  After the bully sees that you are not going to react the way they want you to - with fear or with your full and undivided attention, the bully will lose interest.

Leech Mob, A Novel About a Connecticut Gang, is a book about the toughest years of a kids life, especially as far as bullying is concerned.  High School is a time for a lot of fun and when young people really begin to discover who they are; so don't let one or two jerks bring you down...the Leech Mob definitely wont stand for it!  Read about all the crazy ways this gang of kids stood up for themselves, from pranks, to brawls to negotiations, The Leech Mob is here to stay!  
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