Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leech Mob Novel Appeals to Teens and to Reluctant Readers

Even though the school system tried to kill me, I survived because our gang was a cool bunch of friends who always had each other’s back in an otherwise unfriendly world. Leech Mob: A Novel about a Connecticut Gang is the wisdom about growing up that I was able to get across enemy lines.  I leave it in the hands of you kids now, so start reading!
         What?  You don’t like reading books?  Well, neither do I if you’re talking about most of the boring novels we were assigned to read in high school. But Leech Mob is altogether different.  It’s about high school kids who are experimenting with being adults.  We make lots of mistakes, but our lives go on.  Yep, there is some violence in the book, but the fights are real rather than glorified.  No one walks away a hero, and not everyone walks away. For more on the novel, including a few excerpts, visit our websites at www.leechmobnovel.com and www.facebook.com/LeechMobNovel
or order Leech Mob - A Novel About A Connecticut Gang here: 

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