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Leech Mob: A Novel About A Connecticut Gang Book Release

Leech Mob, A Novel About A connecticut Gang

Leech Mob: A Novel about a Connecticut Gang

Announcing the release of a Young Adult Fiction novel for Mature Teens 
Linda Thiel: Press Agent
John Harwood, former resident of Brookfield, CT and graduate of Brookfield High School, has published a novel about a teenage boy’s first year of high school in a Connecticut town. Readers are taken for a wild ride from school to sleazy night clubs to mob brawls in a true to life teen drama with candid vignettes into the real world of adolescence that most adults have not been privy to until now. 

Set in 1990, behind the facade of New England propriety, Harwood’s main character Kelly, a newcomer to the area, becomes a victim of bullying and assault on his first day at school. Each of the novel’s chapters deals with a social issue as pertinent today as it was twenty years ago. Kelly is seamlessly drawn into a world of absent fathers, drugs, vandalism, promiscuity, police profiling, date rape, stealing, and ultimately mental illness that lands him behind locked doors at State Hospital. 

Though some of the Leech Mob characters are likable while some are not, each one is uniquely developed with depth and clarity. Once idealizing the secret and concealed world of unacceptable behaviors that rebellious teens embrace, the Leech Mob finally discovers that their gang is not worth the tragedy that it has perpetuated.

Hard-hitting yet humorous and insightful, this book is a must-read for teens as well as for parents and teachers, who want answers to the questions spawned by recent tragedies of violence in our schools. Eight years in the writing, Leech Mob is a work from the heart and the soul. 

Leech Mob: A Novel about a Connecticut Gang by John Harwood

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